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What do you do with your Surface 2?


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I was given a Surface 2, and I'm pretty excited. I'm planning to use it for a 2nd screen, and writing assignments, and personal projects. With ie 11, though I'm nervous about web compatibility but it will suit my current needs for now. So my question is those of you who have the Surface 2, or RT: What uses have you found for them? What are some less known things average people, (definitely myself) don't know that this device is capable of? Please help me get the most out of this device.

Thanks in advance!
Hi! I am new to the forums as well and I can tell you how I use my Surface 2. I am working in education in Spain and I take it to my English classes, which are one-to-one. I use it to show videos and PowerPoints and play word games, which my students love. The screen size is great and video quality is remarkable.

I also take it with me when I give presentations. I have the adaptor to use it with the projector and it has saved me a lot of time and hassle. I know that my PowerPoint is going to work.

This is how I use mine and I am sure that others will come on and say how they are using theirs. I like the device a lot and am glad that I bought when when I did. I have no need to get any of the newer Surface devices just yet.