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    Surface Book Docking - Either some monitors display or not all the time.

    So I think it's always been a "thing" where using the surface dock with multiple monitors it will either work and display all monitors, or sometimes just one monitor (and will have to do into display properties and "extend" the other disconnected one) or NO monitors will display and in the...
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    Help Extending Desktop with Surface Book 2

    I am having issues being able to extend the desktop to 2 external screens. I just purchased a surface book 2 - 15" with the following specs: - 16GB RAM 1866Mhz LPDDR3 - 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-8650U quad-core processor - 4.2GHz Max Turbo and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 discrete GPU with 6GB...
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    Apps Moving to My Main Display When I Lock My Surface Pro 2017

    I have docked my SP to two BenQ monitors and I have set them up so that all three screens are extended (each screen is independent). Recently, however, when I lock my screens, all my open applications have moved to my main display (My Surface Pro) when I come back. It never used to do this, any...
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    Surface Dock is overheating SP3

    I have noticed something really weird. My Surface Dock for Surface Pro 3 is overheating my SP3. When I am connected with Surface Dock, my average temperature of it is around 65 Celsius and when I am not connected to it temperature is around 55 Celsius. I know keyboard, mouse and 2 external...
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    Surface Book mini-DP to external monitor not working

    Hello dear community, it is the first time that I ask a question in a forum like this because normally I can find all the answers to my questions on google or forums like this but not with my current problem. My setup: Surface Book (manufacturer number: CR7-00014) Surface Docking Station (man...
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    Surface Pro dock makes horrible high pitch sound please help!

    whenever i plug something into any of the usb ports it makes a really high pitch sound and it doesnt go away. it only happens when something is drawing power out of it such as when I charge my phone. I've tried multiple cables and they all cause the dock to make the same screeching noise. Please...
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    Surface book and dock adapters

    Hi there, Looking for anyone who has had success with 3 in 1 mini displayport to vga/hdmi/dvi adapter that works with both the surface book and dock. Before I did any research I bought an adapter but (I assume) it was a 'passive' one and the vga port is the only one that works. After looking...
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    BSOD Multiple monitors (3 or more)

    Hey, I need help for a friend with his Surface 3 Pro (Windows 10 all updated) FYI I am very tech savvy, however not completely expert on Surfaces. Back to the problem. My friend is using his Surface everywhere. On the go and in the office. When he is working in the office, he would very much...
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    Surface pro 4 i7, surface dock -- Problem with Dell U2515H

    Hi, I´ve got my Surface pro 4. (i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB) + the new Surface Dock And a DELL U2515H 2560 x 1440 at 60Hz --> And the Problem is that I get no picture on the Dell. Connected with the Displayport cabel - direct on the surface or on the dock. No Picture. I used the the Dell for some months...
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    SurfaceBook with Surface dock and two external displays

    I can get one display to function but not two at the same time and never when dock is initially attached upon IPL. Even to get a single external display to function through the Surface dock, I have to boot the machine w/o any displays attached, then disconnect the dock, re-attach the external...
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    Which surface dock should I buy? PF3-00006 or PD9-00004

    Hi there possibly someone can help me to take the right decision. I can find two different product ID for the surface dock to buy PF3-00006 which is around 180 EURO in Europe PD9-00004 which is around 240 EURO in Europe Due to the specification I could not really see a difference and the...

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