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Surface book and dock adapters


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Hi there,

Looking for anyone who has had success with 3 in 1 mini displayport to vga/hdmi/dvi adapter that works with both the surface book and dock. Before I did any research I bought an adapter but (I assume) it was a 'passive' one and the vga port is the only one that works. After looking for 'active' adapters, it turns out lots do not state this. Suggestions?

Also, just other information regarding my surface book and see if people have had the same issues:
1) Surface book charger made a rather loud 'pop' sound before it blew a fuse in my house and now no longer works
2) Surface pen some days just doesn't work or writing or clicking - Have to take the battery out/put back in and the pen works fine. (Note: I have found the original surface pro's pen was much better at writing, although the tip on the surface book's pen has a better feel on the screen (I write a lot of maths/equations for work)
3) Screen sometimes does not rotate, even with rotate isn't locked - Restart fixes problem
4) I have found WIFI to be slower than other laptops I have used for work, but that is purely anecdotal and not properly tested
5) Windows hello doesn't work and the IR camera (red light) doesn't turn on - Restart fixes problem