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Surface pro 4 i7, surface dock -- Problem with Dell U2515H


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I´ve got my Surface pro 4. (i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB)
+ the new Surface Dock
And a DELL U2515H 2560 x 1440 at 60Hz --> And the Problem is that I get no picture on the Dell.
Connected with the Displayport cabel - direct on the surface or on the dock. No Picture. I used the the Dell for some months with my Dell XPS 13 without troubles.

I see the Display in the Hardware Manager (without failure). I installed the newest driver from the Dell Homepage. And I updated everything on the surface.

I found some other blog entrys with same problems but unfortunately no solutions. The Screen works great with a Dell XPS 13 and a 15" HP Notebook.

Any sugesstions?
Thx for your Help.



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I have the same setup but I can get Picture from time to time, but I have problem when switching between different display outputs (internal, external, dual and split). Today I spoke with MS support in Sweden and they said that Dell U2515H is one of five listed monitors with known compability issues with SP4.



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Hi Anders,

thanks for the answer.
How do you connect? With the Surface Dock or directly with the surface?
I get with both no screen at all.

Which type of cable do you use. Mini-Displayport --> Displayport



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I use mini DP -> DP and I have tried both with the dock and with direct connection. Have you noticed that there are two DP co nnectors on the back. One is for input and the other is for sending the signal further to another screen. If you use the wrong one you get no picture. Then the screen seem to have problem to autoselect the source so at least I must manually select DP on the screen input selector.

Br Anders


I've had problems with a Dell 2412M with my SP4. It would work for a while, then shut off and not display anything. SP4 saw it but nothing...

Here's what kicked it back in the head:

With everything connected (that is, don't disconnect any video cables) unplug the monitor and then press and hold the power button on the monitor for 10 seconds. After that, plug in the power to the monitor and see if it works.
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