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    External microphone for Surface Go

    My aim is to record a lecturer using my Surface Go. I have tried using this using the in-built microphone which is mounted on the front but it picks up the noise of typing and background noise behind me better than the lecturer in front of me. Can anyone recommend an external microphone and...
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    Camera Alternative vs Default Camera App

    Hello, So I just got a Surface Go - for doing reports ( with pictures ) I was previously using an older Surface Pro ( 3+ years old I think.. ) works great but its big and battery life is only lasting few hours.. What I noticed immediately was the poor quality of the photos. I was planning to...
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    Surface Go for Modern Web Development? Battery Life?

    I have a good desktop workstation at home, a work notebook, and as of right now I have a Surface Laptop (8/256). I have been really curious about picking up a Surface Go (8/128) for ultimate portability, potentially replacing the Surface Laptop. I am curious if anyone has used it for doing some...

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