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WiFi and LAN-speeds terrible


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I'm a professional wifi-installer and actually like my surface Go as sole device on the road in an armoured case.
Mainly because my wifi-heatmap-survey-software (Netspot) is windows only.
But I keep running into issues with the speeds. I already made a lot of wrong assumptions as it now looks like the surface Go is limited on speed. It's like it won't go faster then 100mbit over wifi and no more then 120mbit over LAN. This is clompletly useless because the connections we work on are always a couple hundreds mbits to 1 gbit.
How can I disable the limitations on my surface go to be able to actually measure real internetspeeds?

My Surface Go is connected using 5ghz to a network that easily reaches 450 mbit and I only get 100.
My Surface Go is connected using the geniune Surface LAN adapter, on a network that has a bandwith of 800-900 mbit.
On my Dell XPS and Samsung Galaxy S20 I also reach al these speeds.

What is going wrong with my surface Go? How do I disable these limitations?

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I also install wifi and have run into similar things when talking to customers who are doing speed tests on their own time with various gear from iphones to macbooks to android phones and desktops. It could be a device performance issue, but more likely its a combo between the application thats running the speedtest and the server. I had a complaint from 1 guy using a macbook with gigabit wired network adapter, only getting max 150-200 down on a 1000Mb service and similar on wifi. He was using speedtest.net on chrome and it was just chrome trying to handle the page and a bunch of other tabs open. (I use Opera almost exclusively) i opened his firefox and retried and he could pull 959 down. on wifi 460.

I usually try between fast.com to test against Netflix servers and speedtest.net plus testmy.net to get a more realistic feel for the speeds. Ive found opera to be the best speed and ad blocking browser. You also have speedtest as a awindows store app.

If you wanted to check the surface go wifi card, I would probably run it against a wired computer using iperf, making the wired computer the server. And that's going to test everything in the middle of those connections. You could even make a crossover cable, connect the surface go wired to the other computer and check the wired bandwidth.

Im not sure what the specs are on the go or if it varies. I just got a sp7 with an i5, middle range one, and pull 450ish down over 802.11ac