surface pro x

  1. M


    Got the latest gen ProX which I love, except when it comes to printing as there are no drivers for my Canon. I want to print photos in good quality. Anyone using a printer with the ProX that they’re happy with? I see some Epson Expression printers ‘should’ be ok, but would prefer to hear it...
  2. J

    Gaming on the Surface Pro X

    Hey friends! Josher14 here and i've been gaming on surface devices since the pro 4.. I decided to test out the pro x gaming capabilities and was surprised at some games but mostly disappointed with the 8gb 128gb ram model. Here's all of the games I tried out in a youtube playlist: Surface Pro...
  3. Geoff Arnold

    Surface Pro X screen brightness issue

    I'm having an odd experience with the screen brightness of my SPX. Here's the sequence: Turn on the SPX to wake it from sleep. The screen appears to be at about 60% brightness. Press F7 (increase brightness). The screen brightness widget appears briefly, showing 100% brightness. The screen...