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Got the latest gen ProX which I love, except when it comes to printing as there are no drivers for my Canon.

I want to print photos in good quality.
Anyone using a printer with the ProX that they’re happy with?

I see some Epson Expression printers ‘should’ be ok, but would prefer to hear it from someone actually using a good photo printer with the ProX


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I've had the same issue with my Epson Workforce WF-100. I was always under the impression that Windows 10 on ARM would support the printers with generic drivers, but not necessarily all their features. I hope that printer manufacturers will start updating their drivers to support ARM soon.

I too would be really eager to know of any Epson printers that fully support ARM. Thanks!


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HP Office Jet 8035 connected without a hitch to my Pro X. There is even an "HP Smart" printing/scanning utility for ARM. No issues.