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    Surface Pro 8 logs off every couple minutes and requires Windows Hello

    I have all my power settings, whether it's plug in or battery, set to 20min. Display, Sleep, hard disk, everything. Yet if I get up for 2 min my screen locks! I can't figure it out?
  2. D

    Windows Hello Not Working On Surface Pro 3

    Hi, I have just purchased a Surface Pro 3, and the camera works, however, Windows Hello does not work. I have looked in device manager and there is no Surface Camera Windows Hello Driver, under System Devices. I have tried scanning for new hardware. I have also tried a 2-button restart. Can...
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    Has anyone managed to hook up a password manager to Windows Hello?

    Hi folks, I read with interest that Enpass (a password manager similar to LastPass etc) has full support for Hello unlock (blog). I tried the latest version, and the updated beta, but cannot see any options apart from a PIN unlock. Maybe its a poor product or I'm using it wrong.. I wanted to...
  4. R

    Windows Hello Not Working. It's the camera!!

    Hi, I have a 'vanilla' Surface Pro 4 where Hello used to work. I contacted support they had me restore the surface back to factory. Tested the camera and it worked. The minute the Surface turns off, I have noticed that the rear facing camera works but the front facing one will throw an error...
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    Restarted on Diagnostic Mode with Windows Hello, now I cannot log in

    Pretty much what the title says....I am trying to troubleshoot a mis-installed program and was advised to reboot in diagnostic mode. Problem is, I have the windows hello on, and since it restarted in diagnostic mode with the cameras off, it cannot "see" my face. But it also doesn't go to PIN...
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    Windows Hello improve recognition feature error

    I have my SP4 setup with Windows Hello, and it works like a charm. But when it comes to the improve recognition option I get the error that the camera couldn't turn on. Which is ironic because you have to use windows hello before you can improve the recognition. It kinda irks me to get the...
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    Windows Hello (boot straight to desktop?)

    Hi, sorry for multiple posts, lots of questions. Windows Hello on the sp4 works like a dream, much quicker than i imaged. Problem is, on walking from sleep i must always swipe to unlock after Windows Hello has successfully recognised me. The function works as it should do on reset (going...