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Windows Hello Not Working. It's the camera!!

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I have a 'vanilla' Surface Pro 4 where Hello used to work. I contacted support they had me restore the surface back to factory. Tested the camera and it worked. The minute the Surface turns off, I have noticed that the rear facing camera works but the front facing one will throw an error "Camera won't start" Check to be sure it is connected and installed properly. Error code 0xA00F424A(0x80070032).

I have tried reverting back to a previous driver
Tried removing the device and driver and have it reinstall
Made sure all windows updates are applied.
Shut off and restarted it numerous times

Knowing the camera is not working makes sense in Windows Hello except when you ask it to scan you face, the camera turns on, the light comes on, you can see yourself but the status bar that you would normally see when scanning does nothing. So the front facing camera does at least turn on to attempt a scan.
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