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Has anyone managed to hook up a password manager to Windows Hello?


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Hi folks,

I read with interest that Enpass (a password manager similar to LastPass etc) has full support for Hello unlock (blog). I tried the latest version, and the updated beta, but cannot see any options apart from a PIN unlock. Maybe its a poor product or I'm using it wrong.. I wanted to show how Hello/biometrics could be used to sign-on to generic web sites etc and put the onus on the user knowing one very good master password for recovery/restore but day-to-day just using Hello to access any applications.

Anyone managed more than the local PC unlock with Hello? Anyone using the Edge and Chrome extensions for Hello sign-on to web sites?



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Saw this today Here comes the Edge Extension for Enpass, and few changes along the way | Enpass .

Just installed the Edge extension and the Win10 (free) app from the Windows Store. Getting a good feeling about this as managed to import my old settings and now both Chrome and Edge are sharing the same password db. however there's still no option for "Windows Hello" to unlock/enter passwords from the Enpass pw vault... I guess this blog post says its still just UWP app for Hello support but this is coming soon to the free Hybrid app:
Enpass for Windows: Which version should I use? | Enpass


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