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2 surface pro questions (messaging app and pen language)


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I have my surface pro since yesterday and I love it :)
I have two questions though:

question 1
my native language is dutch, but when i put my keyboard in dutch there is no handwriting recognition?
This seems odd to me as a friend of mine has a vaio duo and she does have support for dutch handwriting recognition so...

question 2
when using the messaging app, every message i send gets displayed twice which is very annoying...
does anyone have the same problem and maybe a fix for this?



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Welcome arten. There should be multiple language support for the handwriting recognition but this may depend on the app you are trying to use. I imagine Dutch is a language supported by MS.

For problem 2 I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the messaging app.


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It doesn't work in any app, not even in internet explorer so...
Is there any configuration I should / can do or something

(I've been using a mac for the last ten years so I don't really know my way around in windows anymore :D )
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