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Messaging App Bug?


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I've connected the pre-installed Messaging app on my Surface to my Facebook account.

I can start conversations and my friends can see them. When they reply, I don't see anything on my screen, but I can keep sending my friends messages.

What's funnier is that I hopped onto my PC, had a lengthy chat with my friend on FB. Back on my Surface, the Messaging app seemed to be following the conversation - but it only show MY messages. My friend's messages are strangely absent from the chat.

Has anyone seen this issue?


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Aw: Messaging App Bug?

Although this happend on several occasions with my surface, it seems your friends will have to change their fb-privacy settings - especially sharing some data like name and on/off status to apps used by their friends.


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I just went to FB with my wife's account, went to the section "How people bring your info to apps they use" and ticked everything.

Then she sent me a message - and I still can't see it in the Messaging app.


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I've been using the Messaging app even before the RT, i.e., Windows 8 Preview, and the issues didn't manifest at all. I use this all the time. This inconsistency, is somewhat baffling.