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8.1 Unstable on Surface Pro 1 128


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Hi Guys & Gals,

I'm new here and looks like there's lots of information and help available.

Is it just me or is 8.1 really unstable on the pro, my surface has locked up maybe a dozen times requiring a hard reboot.

I have had no issue in the previous 4 months and now in it locks up all the time, I have very few apps or programs loaded and its not consistent as to what I'm doing that causes the lockup.

I'd be interested to know if others are having the same problem or its just me.

Cheers & Thanks for such a great resource.


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Clarity: Are you saying the previous 4 months, you did NOT have 8.1 installed?

I expect the first order of business when a system is "unstable" with only general symptoms and no specific pattern is to refresh the system, and then try updating later.

Otherwise, I think calling MS support or bringing it to an MS store for support services is the best way to go since they should have scripted procedures and tools for a better diagnosis. If you could spot a pattern during your usage, that might help, but it doesn't seem like it; the problems that have been posted so far are rather specific, like the touch/type cover not responding.


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your not the only one, even on my RT I have had 2 lock ups and my wife's RT 1 lock up so far...just so happens I had the onscreen keyboard open in all instances so I'm wondering if it's that, or maybe just a coincidence? dunno :sorry: also just an FYI I never had 1 lock up happen in 8...


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Thanks for the response.

To clarify the surface from purchase approx. 4 months ago brand new was loaded with Windows 8 and has performed flawlessly during this period except for one program that would not run and has been deleted.

yesterday the 8.1 release through the store was installed and that when the problems started.

On board touch keyboard in use at all times.

I would say the majority of times but not all is when it transitions from the start/home screen to the desktop when loading a program rather than an app.

I guess Its possible to roll it back to Win 8.



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Hi All,

Just an update.

As there was not much on this surface in desperation after maybe 20 more lockups I went back to a return to as new condition from the update screen, did all of the W8 updates and then the W8.1 install.

Then reloaded my files, programs and apps manually.

I seems to be running much better now back to normal so maybe that's what you might need to do if your having the same problem as me.

One minor issue that maybe someone can advise on, I used to have am app called "Lifecam Dashboard" this enabled me to block all programs from accessing my camera which is particularly useful specially with Skype Desktop. This app is no longer available (and who knows may have been the cause of my issues). Does anyone know of another app that can do this for me as the standard camera app gives permissions to al programs to access with no option of blocking it.



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8.1 has been running flawless on my pro and rt. I'm even noticing better battery life on the pro. Drains much slower now. Very fast and fluid UI. Haven't had any lockups.