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A couple "glitches" that I am seeing

1) I have only one item on my desktop background: the recycle bin. This recycle bin keeps moving whenever I start up my SP3 (not sure exactly if this phenomena happens BECAUSE of shutdown). I always put it in the top left corner and it always ends up being in the top middle whenever I seem to reboot it. So today, I just ignored it and just left it in the middle. Now, when I recently looked at my background the recycle bin still moved (this time a bit more right but not at the top right corner yet). Does anyone else have this problem? By the way I do have auto arrange icons turned off.

2) The second problem I am having is with the OneNote desktop application. A few lines and scribbles here and there are being noticeably erased. I recently looked at a few locations in my notes and found that some portions have been wiped off. At first I thought maybe it was my fault. Perhaps I accidentally erased it. But I just saw, with my own eyes, a portion of my notes being erased (a small part). This happened after a "stutter", as if the OneNote application lagged for a split second. So, I pressed back and the erased portion came back. However, it got erased again a few seconds later. Rinse and repeat. Same portion being erased. Anyone have any ideas?
1) Are you using the Wireless Display Adapter, or projecting to some other display? The Recycle Bin icon is likely being pushed over due to an inadequacy of Windows in screen rescaling/remapping. Mine does this too (Windows 10 Build 9926), but help is on the way.

2) Not a clue.
Nope. Not projecting nor using any exterior display of any sort. Nothing has been hooked onto my SP3 and I would also like to note that I only use it in landscape so its not like I am switching the display format.
Okay, you've got me there, @Modification . How long have you been using your computer with Windows 8.1 ? You might need a 'Refresh". Microsoft is patching or providing new software and firmware so often, sometimes maybe something gets broken.
Yes, "Refresh" keeps your files, but refreshes the operating system files. Before you do it, sync all to OneDrive, and make sure your OneDrive account is up to date. (An easy guide here)