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Surface Pro 2 Pen - Tear down


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Ever wonder what's inside the Surface Pro 2?

Well, my pen broke, the eraser button, and got another one. So while this one will be recycled in any case, I decided to open it up and see what's inside.


The pen top and bottom parts are glued together. I was able to open it by twisting it, and being careful to not break the pen clip (not that it mattered on my case).

The pen had 3 pedometers. 2 where the pen tip is, and 1 for the eraser.

From left to right, the first pedometer, allows you to adjust the pressure sensitivity (how much you need to press on it to record the pressure level), and the other is the pressure sensitivity when you right-click.
The last one I believe is the pressure sensitivity for the eraser. I can't know for sure as mine is, as mentioned, broken.

Fun fact. The Surface Pro 3 Windows 8 App. This app gives you information on your device, such as firmware version and serial number, but also give you option to customize the pen.

If you install this app on the Surface Pro 2, you have a picture of the Surface Pro 2, with a focus on its pen, and a text that says "Coming Soon". So it looks like Microsoft will release a pen settings for the Surface Pro 2 (and possible Pro 1)