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A few strange problems. . .Volume button re mapping itself. . . thoughts


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I am wondering if anyone can help with some weird problems about two weeks ago, I went to sign in and Hello wouldn't work, I turned it off and back on. Restart and nothing changed. I checked drivers, checked for updates. Applied all updates, uninstalled driver and reinstalled. Nothing worked. I just left it and would try to fix it later.

I also noticed that the camera app, officelens and other camera apps didn't work.

While doing this I did an update to KB4022715 and before that KB4023834

That didn't help, but yesterday I started noticing another strange problem, I was listening to some
music and went to turn it down and it took a screenshot, I tried to turn it up and the task manager showed
up as if I hit ctrl+alt+del

Any suggestions on what I might try?



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Don't know if all those problems are related, but the screenshot issue sounds like a problem with the buttons. To take a screenshot on SP4 you hold the power button down and then press the volume-down button. So, could some dirt or lint be wedged into your power button partially holding it down (or keeping it from fully popping up after it was pressed)?

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