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A long road of disappointment with Microsoft.


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The following is my 100th post. I wanted it to be a post about how I finally received my surface and how happy I was.
Unfortunately, that's not the case. Take your time to read this or not, I don't really care. I just want this out of my system.

About a month ago I bought my first Surface. A surface pro 128GB. The purchase wasn't an impulse buy,
quite the opposite. I've been looking at the Surface as a viable tablet for a while, about a year, and finally saw
it on sale for 600 euros. That's roughly 830 dollars. I bought it, and the day after I received it. I was eager to test the surface
out on my big screen so I bought the HDMI adapter, the official, extremely expensive one. I bought it just in case, I wanted nothing
to go wrong.

Fast forward a week. My cable finally arrived. I went home and tried to plug it in. I couldn't.
The cable would not go in the Surface, it just fell off. I looked inside the port, and it was completely destroyed.
It was so destroyed I created an account here and started a thread on it. I got no responses, but that didn't matter to me.

I called the local store where I bought it, they told me to bring it to the store, so I did.
In the store, they take a look at it and come to the same realization as me.
They tell me that I can send it to the manufacturer, and they'll send me a new one if the fault is theirs.
If the fault is mine however, I will have to pay for the shipping, 140 dollars.
(Now of course there's no proving anything, it's just my word against Microsoft. of the manufacturer)

So I give it to the shopkeeper and say okay, let's send it back, as I was 100% sure the fault isn't mine, and I still
know it isn't. (You may see where this story is going)
The man who's helping me says it'll take about two weeks. Okay. bye bye Surface I say and go home.

A couple of days later I get a call from Microsoft. There's some kind of problem with the shipping, they never told me what.
Okay I do as the lady on the phone asks. We end up changing the order so it's send in my behalf, not the stores, but my
personal information are set as the stores. So my home address would be the stores address.
While on the phone I ask the lady, do you know if I'll get a replacement or not?
''I'm looking here on my computer and it seems like they will send you a replacement'', she says.

A month has passed. Every day of that month I've been watching videos about the surface, updating the mysurface service site,
tracking what the situation is. So, a week ago the site updated, they've sent a surface to me, finally!
I track the UPS package, The package is a little heavier than the one I sent, that's a good sign (I hoped).

While the package is on it's way, sent from the Netherlands, its now in Germany, I visit the surface support site.
I start a support chat. Wait my time and about time, I get connected with an actual person.
They ask how i'm doing blah blah all their usual bullshit.
Fast forward to the actual chat, I asked if they sent me a new surface or my old one. I give my surfaces serial number and
the service number. The person takes his bloody time and answers, yes, we'll be sending you a Surface we specifically inspected.
I'm relieved, thank god.

Fast forward to monday, end of march, 3.31.2014. I check the UPS site and it says that the package has been delivered.
I wait for a call, or a text, or an email. Nothing. I patiently wait a couple of days and finally the store called me, the device is ready for pickup.
The man on the phone also tells me a surprise I didn't want to hear. no way.
Microsoft did not fix the problem, as it was a mechanical problem.
I was pissed. I kept my cool however and ended the call politely, as the it wasn't their fault.
Today, 4.2.2014, I picked it up at the store hoping for a miracle.
Nope. This sucks. After all this they claim it wasn't their fault.
I can't explain how disappointed I am in this whole mess.
U need to get some kind of insurance, preferably something that covers theft or accidents, call the insurance company and say it fell over while connected with the cable and messed up the connector. That's what i would have done. This kind of thing is covered by my home insurance. Only few days ago my phone screen broke. I called the insurance company and said I accedently messed up my phone. 3 days later i have money in my account to buy a new phone.
Or why don't you plug the screen using something like this on USB 3.0 port?