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My experience with the Microsoft Online Store Shipping and Customer Support


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My new Surface Pro is scheduled to be delivered on Monday March 4th but with all the problems I’ve had with the Microsoft Online Store and Microsoft Surface Support, I’m not so sure how I feel about it now.

I ordered the Surface pro on Friday Feb 15th just minutes after the online store started accepting pre-orders. I also ordered a Surface R/T with a type cover for my wife and two Surface Complete extended warranties.

Three days later, Monday Feb 18th, I received a shipping confirmation for my wifes’ Surface R/T and type cover with a scheduled delivery of Thursday Feb 21.

On Thursday afternoon, UPS arrived and I was at home to receive the box which was to be a surprise gift for my wife. When I brought the box into the house, I realized that the packing tape was barely holding one flap of the box closed. Upon opening the box, I found the type cover but no Surface R/T. Examining the box closer, it appears that the tape had not been applied very well and the contents could have easily been seen without completely opening the box.

I immediately called the Microsoft Online Store to report it. The rep and I had some difficulty understanding each other but I finally got a case opened and she transferred me to Surface Support because she had no idea how to deal with the problem.

While waiting to speak to someone at Surface Support, the connection was dropped. Fortunately I had been given the phone number and I was able to call again and got through immediately. The Surface Support rep was very sympathetic but she also did not know how to help me, so she opened a case and told me that I would receive a call in 2-3 days.

The following day was Friday so I knew that I wouldn’t hear from anyone until the following week.

Monday and Tuesday rolled by and I got no call. Wednesday afternoon, still no call, so I called and asked for a status update. The rep checked the case and, as he explained it to me, the group that had received the case did not have their system integrated with his system so they could not see all of the information… So they did nothing?

Again, the Surface Support rep is very sympathetic and tells me that he’s going to connect me with the Microsoft Store (full circle) and remain on the line to make sure that they take care of me. He also told me that he would call me at noon the following day to make sure that I’m satisfied with the outcome.

Now, I’m on the phone again with a Microsoft Store rep (more communication difficulties) and she takes the information and tells me that she’s sending the case to the Escalation Group and they would call me in 24-48 hours.

This is Saturday, three days after I last spoke with anyone at Microsoft. No one I’ve spoken with has even asked for a UPS tracking number. The Surface Support rep who was going to follow-up with me on Thursday at noon never called.

So, Monday I’m expecting to receive a box from UPS. Hopefully it will have a Surface Pro in it. Still, it’s very difficult to be excited about that when it will be two weeks since that Surface R/T was shipped and not one person is looking for it or doing anything about getting another one shipped to me.


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The shipper has the contract with the common/public carrier. It is their responsibility to resolve issues.


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Yes it is between the shipper and carrier. Unfortunately you just happen to have an extraordinary case where somebody apparently stole your Surface RT. Stuff happens in the world and not everything can be accounted for. Bad luck but in the end I am sure it will be resolved even if it ends up taking longer then you would have liked.

Arizona Willie

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I was more than pleased with the Microsoft Online Store. I ordered mine on Feb 22 and they said it would be shipped Mar 1. I also ordered the Type keyboard and another power supply. I paid for overnight shipping and the girl had to go check because they would be shipped in separate shipments. She verified that both shipments would be shipped overnight and Microsoft would eat the cost!!

Got the accessories the next Tuesday and the Surface came on the 28th!!

The only thing I didn't like was that when I paid for the shipping I thought they said it would be FedEx but UPS brought the stuff.
Not really a problem except that when they delivered the Surface the guy just rang the doorbell and left the box sitting at the door!!

$1000 + item just left at the door! :mad:

With FedEx, anything over $500 they bring out in a special white van and you have to sign for it.

But, everything worked out ok -- this time. And, since we live in a gated community, there was little chance of having it stolen. But just dropping valuable stuff at the door and leaving is NOT a good practice. I don't like UPS anyway because we live in the desert and those brown vans get hotter than hell and everything they deliver is hot hot hot hot especially in the summertime.


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Today marks 14 days since Microsoft shipped my Surface R/T and 11 days since I first notified them that it was lost in transit. The last time I spoke with anyone at Microsoft was last Wednesday when I was told that I would receive a call from the Escalation Group within 24-48 hours. That was over 100 hours ago.

Stuff does happen in the world and not everything can be accounted for but if someone at Microsoft would take on their responsibility and get someone at UPS to take a look at the tracking information, they might find an anomaly in that data that will point to someone who is accountable in Albuquerque NM.

The problem is not with UPS. I receive plenty of shipments from UPS with no issues. It was due to poor packing at Microsoft’s distribution center and an untrustworthy individual at a UPS transfer station.

Unfortunately, the people who I’ve spoken with at Microsoft don’t seem to have the resources to help me or even ask me for the information that they need to resolve this issue.


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That really does suck and is beyond normal. Too bad this hasn't been a pleasant experience for you but it definitely doesn't seem to represent the majority of experiences. You might want to stay away from Vegas for a while.


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Wowwww...I guess if it was me I would ask for an escalation up the chain to a grand (over-master) manager! When my unit arrived I thought to myself...hmmm, not much packing tape used for these slim boxes.

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