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About Download speed


Is there a reason the download speed is a bit slow, and it seems a bit sluggish when using the browser. Does it correlate to the fact that the surface has yet to be optimized yet?

Other than that I love the surface! I use it for my business and use one note quite a bit. It's very portable, and stylish too.
I'll have to keep any eye out for download speeds, I haven't noticed anything like that, but I haven't downloaded many things either. If you could download something on the surface and then do the same on a laptop (wireless) that would be a decent comparison.
it would also depend on the wifi specs of the computer too right, so I'm not sure if that would compare well. But the dl speed on my laptop is usually faster
Download and upload speeds are allways in flux as there are so many factors, how busy is the site you are accessing, how many kiddes in your area streaming from utobe.
The factors are many. Any major routers or gateways down???
to my knowledge none.

but i just tried downloading audacity and that was pretty fast. I'll compare with other fileshare sites though
I'd say it has to do with your internet provider and what service speed you pay for. I've got Verizon FiOS 75Mbps down/35Mbps up and my Surface is very fast. Speedtest says my actuallydownload speed is over 84Mbps! Looks like I'm getting more than I pay for...