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About scratches and warranties.


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My wife's RT is holding up great and she abuses it. I had 3 original pro's due to warranty issues. All 3 held up great and didn't show any signs of wear. My Pro 2, which was part of the initial batch and purchased on launch day, has been babied with vinyl skins, skin protectors, and a healthy does of my OCD and it is looking bad. I have all kinds of little chips and specs... even in places where it is never touched such as behind the kick stand and in the cooling vent. When I set it down, I always lay it keyboard cover down just to further protect it but the finish is not holding up. :(


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I do feel sorry for people that are experiencing these problems... definitely isolated to certain batches, whether they're SP1's or SP2's. I'm OCD crazy with my devices so any scratches would drive me insane!
Funnily, today (while moving on bed :) ) I accidentally lightly knocked the right side of my SFPro2 into a wall corner. I was totally expecting to see a big new chip on that side, but... it was perfect!

So, for some reason, paint chips/wears away more easily with sweat, etc. "wear and tear" than by physical impacts.
How are your Surface Pro 2s holding up regarding scratches? Mine now basically looks like a Dalí painting.

The worst part is that I never realized when it started getting scratches on the back, but now it has plenty of them.


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Magnesium can't be dyed. Well it can but the results looks sucky.
That is why all products using magnesium, are always painted, and they all face the same problem (confirmed with personal experience)

I wish Microsoft opt to go with aluminum, that you can anodize, so only big scratches will show.
Now they can make the device light enough to be able to afford to due to the switch.