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Surface 3 warranty


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Hello everyone!

I recently bought a Surface 3, I used is for my studies and I was really happy with it.

Unfortunately after some time I noticed yellow tinting on the right of the screen and an array of colored pixels visible on a black background. I wasn't able send it in for service because I needed the tablet badly for my exams.

Despite my best efforts to protect it (tempered glass cover, case, separate carrying bag) I noticed a tiny crack on the corner of the screen. I am baffled, as there are no signs of damage whatsoever on the metal, and the screen protector is perfectly intact. The device is still 100% functional.

I immediately downloaded the warranty documents which stated that warranty is void even is the device is as little as cosmetically damaged in any way.

Is there any hope, that if I send it in for repairs specifically for the issues with the screen mentioned earlier they may repair it under warranty?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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I don't think there is much chance that they will fix the screen without charging you for it. If you had purchsed the Microsoft Complete with your Surface that would have covered it. Any screen crack is very rarely covered by any manufacturer.