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Accesory wish list


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What are some of the accessories we'd like see developed for the Surface?

Here are some of mine.

1.) A sort of Power Cover but with keys that have an e-Ink surface. That way the keyboard layout could change as you switch between languages. Select a new language and the keyboard changes to that language. Perhaps you can put a top layer on them similar to a Kindle Paperwhite or Nook Glow so they are visible in darkness.

2.) A foldable mouse that attaches to the magnetic port so you can bring it with you in a case without needing extra space.

3.) A stylus where the top is an Eraser when running it over the screen, but a button for switching pen colors when you click it with your thumb.


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I don't know of any of the Wacom Feel Products that could support the Color request.


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A programmable wireless keypad dedicated for artists. Probably like the Wacom Cintiq Companion keypad + rocker but a wireless one.


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I would like a "Type Cover" where the track pad and... "click buttons" (i forget the name at the mo) are separate things... cos if your working on the desktop side of the OS, and trying to select a load of files to move, it can be a pain with the combined track pad and clickers