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access network file shares in my corporate domain?


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I know the Surface RT will not join the Domain but I know that if you point to the UNC path from the Surface of the file share, the dialog wil pop asking for your Domain credentials.
That works on some of the servers but for others it does not, the dialog never appears and the Surface errors out with messages indicating the server is not even seen.

So I assume there must be a specific configuation on the Server side that allows my surfurce to show/use te domain credential login. The servers are all Windows Servers of various versions...mostly Windows Sever 2008R2. there is also a few windows7 enterprizse computers I would like to connect to.

It always does, I.e. Prompt for credentials, in my case. I can even login to our MS CRM without a hassle. Investigate the servers that are suspected, and try other workgroup clients.
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This isn't my area of expertise at all so don't flame me on this but is it something to do with the server name not being resolved correctly on the domain? The other thing I thought it might be is the security on the share itself.

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You can try resolving the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) as hostname.domain, or you can connect via IP address, i.e., \\\Public (as an example).

Check the connectivity first, because if it does not connect, no authentication can take place.