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Outlook and POP emails and Storage Space


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Our work e-mails are unfortunately still on a POP server. As a result, e-mails are downloaded locally. I know that on our work computers, we need to clean up and AutoArchive sometimes to shrink that PST file. Yesterday, I synced my work e-mail to Outlook on my boss' new Surface Pro 4, and it immediately downloaded 75 MB worth of emails (between attachments and the ton of SPAM received) dating back to 11/24. Today, I went back in and it got 40 MB more of e-mails. I don't want her to have to manually clean e-mails on her Surface in addition to doing it on her work PC. I need this to work as easily as possible for her.
I know that on my iPhone, it seems to automatically only keep about 2 weeks worth of POP e-mail (although there's no setting to change that). As a result, it doesn't take all the storage. But if Outlook behaves the same way on a Surface as it does on the PC, then this will quickly eat into the 256 GB of storage. Is there an option to make it so that it only keeps 2 weeks worth of mail in Outlook? She only plans to use her Surface to access work e-mail when she's away from work. She keeps a ton of old e-mails on her work computer's HDD, which is fine, but will quickly become an issue on a mobile device.

1. On her work PC's Outlook, I have it set to leave messages on the server for 3 days (just in case it is on and fetches over the weekend, she can still fetch them on her phone/Surface).
2. On the new Surface, I kept it to the default 14 days (assuming that if my boss left for a 1+ week vacation and for some unforseen reason her work PC was turned off or crashed, and didn't fetch e-mails, it could get everything from the server when she got back).


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One way is to use Outlook.com rather than Office. Another way is to use Webmail to access your POP account. Your work emails are likely mapped through some server which honors Webmail.


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This is really an Outlook configuration question, it's not specific to Surface which is a regular PC in a different shape. Id recommend posting this question on an Outlook forum.

Do you know what email server (software) is being used? Does it support IMAP?
Which version of Outlook are you using?