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OneDrive: How to Back Up Desktop Folder and other "User" Folders?

Hi everyone,

To back up my personal files to OneDrive, I decided to go the "OneDrive" folder, and create new folders called "pictures", "documents", etc. and move all my files there.

However, note that these folders I've created aren't the same as the standard "pictures", "documents", "music", "video", etc. which are located in "C:\Users\[my name]". Therefore, I've found some downsides to the approach I've taken:
  • The folders I've created in "OneDrive" are missing the standard pictures/music/video/etc. OS icons and instead have regular folder icons
  • For the same reason, I might accidentally save to the wrong pictures/documents/music/video folders, and unfortunately the "C:\Users\[my name]" folders aren't located in OneDrive so those files won't get backed up.
  • There seems to be no way to back up the entire "Desktop" folder following my approach.
Therefore, I think all of this could be solved if I could backup the entire "C:\Users\[my name]" folder, which contains all the REAL (official) "pictures", "documents", "desktop", etc. folders.

So, my questions:
  • Is it possible to back up all the "C:\Users\[my name]" folders?
  • What is the difference between the "pictures", "documents", "music", etc. folders in here and the ones I've created, and why do these have official-looking OS icons?
  • And of course, why aren't all of these "C:\Users\[my name]" folders located in OneDrive by default?
An easy option would just be to move the location of the User Pictures/Music/Video/Desktop etc. to OneDrive.

It's easy to do, simply right click on the folder and choose properties, then click the location tab and move it from C\Users\Username\ to OneDrive.

Thank you for your reply! By the way, there's currently a suggestion at the OneDrive Uservoice that involves locating a user's "user folders" within their OneDrive folder by default in Windows 10, e.g.:


You guys can show your support for the idea here: