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Add photo in documents


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Hi guys,

I'm a technician that goes out in other factories to checkand report how is the situation.
I walk in that factories, check the thing, make photo and make a report at the end.

From first time untill 2 years ago
I took photos with compact camera, report photo number and write (on a paper note) what I see.
Go in office, download photo to my computer and report on a Word document with table (or excel).
Lots of work hours gone away for nothing...

1 year ago I leveled UP...
Buyed a new iPhone6 and used Google drive to share and modify my document.
I finally can take photo and directly annotate what I see.
At office I have only to do little change at files, no big work!

2 months after...
I bought a Note4. Use Google drive to modify my document and add notes.
Plus: Better with pen, bigger screen.

This is fully working right now and help me a lot.
Just a problem, Note4 or iPhone 6 screens are really tiny for my work, so...

So I thinked about SP4, a lot bigger screen :)
Try to do same things with my notebook (HP Core I5, SSD and Windows 10) with Office 2013/2016 and the integrated webcam.
No way to do..
I can't take a photo and put DIRECTLY into the word document.
I need to take photo and than import to my documents, that is a problems when I do my work.

I can open Camera App and put in background, from Word can take a screenshot but I lose a lot of time and the details is not good.
If I go inside Word16, insert pictures, I can see a shortcurt to Windows 10 CameraRoll app.
So I checked how to put here the Camera APP.

NO WAY, again.

So check One Note.
This can take a picture direct from camera, take notes.
Checked on YouTube that I can write with the pen.

Try to my notebook.
I can't export OneNote file into Word DOC format.

Maybe is different with a SP4? Anyone can check out it?
Maybe I'm loosing somethings?

Thanks really a lot in advance for your time.
I don't want waste money and time in somethings that don't works.