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Adera: Episode 3


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Hello. Has anyone had any trouble downloading Episode 3 of Adera? I tried to DL multiple times and it hangs on a "connecting to service" screen. I uninstalled the full game and rebooted the Surface and tried to re-DL Adera, but it hangs on pending. Anyone else having this issue or an issue like this with another game?

Thanks in advance.
I had a hard time as well. My issue was the game kept trying to download an update on episode 2 which kept failing. I cancelled that and went through several times downloading episode 3 until I got lucky. It would sit on downloading and then just return to the download option. After a long wait it finally downloaded and then installed. Have to say not to impressed with the ease of getting each episode as it was not easy getting episode 2 as well. No other games I have had issues with. Good luck.