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Offline Multiplayer Games


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If you are like me and enjoy playing games against someone else in the same room, sometimes it can be difficult to find games that work well in this situation due to the size of the windows store, and lack of ratings/information.
Does anyone have any suggestions for 2/3 player offline multiplayer games?

Some I have found that I recommend:

  • "Speed" is a great and simple card game that works well for multiplayer.
  • "Air Soccer Fever" is also a popular game amongst me and friends. It's like subbuteo but faster.
  • "Ultima 4 in a Row" - The traditional connect 4 game. I prefer this to the others as there is an 'undo' button in case someone makes a mistake.

All of the above games are free to play.

I also downloaded the trial for Last Gun a few days ago as it looked promising, but the download went wrong and I couldn't play. My trial then expired. It looks like a game i'd like, but I can't find any videos or other information about it. Has anyone else tried this game?