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Adjustable kickstand mod


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Hey guys. was doing some research earlier on how people are getting around the kickstand issue. I wished my surface could work on my lap AND has a drawing angle. And I found Hack to get Surface Pro at a drawing angle, which is pretty cool but of course working on the lap is still going to be a problem. And people are also using the moko case, of which design I don't really like. I also found http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...kickstand-refit-existing-surface-pro-s-2.html on the surface pro 2 forums of people trying to replace surface pro's kickstand with the surface pro 2's. It looks like it's not possible for now though, which makes me sad.

How are you people getting around the kickstand hassle? Any creative solutions?


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Just came up with this little kickstand hack! Basically, just turn the surface upside down with the kickstand out, and put a usb stick back there to prop it up. Works great - super solid. Better for writing/drawing.