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Leaked Surface 2 Kickstand Angles + Portrait Mode


Hey guys, more confirmation on the new kickstand for the Surface 2. Microsoft's patent application for the kickstand is now public and it gives details.

As some of you know, I've built an adjustable Surface stand+case, so I want to know if the case will still be useful with the Surface 2's new angles. I went through Microsoft's patent and found pictures+descriptions of two angles:

Angle #1: 20-30 degrees
Angle #2: 65-75 degrees

Angle #1 is the range of the current kickstand angle for desktop use (22 degrees). Angle #2 is low and will be good for using on your lap.

It also shows the Surface in portrait mode. It accomplishes this when the kickstand is at Angle #2.

Another new kickstand feature is mentioned, where the "hinge exerts pressure on an edge of the
kickstand, providing stability and vibration dampening to the kickstand."

The exact angles will hopefully be announced on the 23rd of this month.

For now, looks like my case will be still be useful for the Surface 2, as it offers 2 viewing angles in addition to the Kickstand angle, and it can also do the lap angle and portrait mode as well. :)

Link to patent: Device Kickstand



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