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Adobe vs Reader - strange issue


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So I have a strange issue. I love everything about my Surface Pro 3. I use it personally and even managed to set up my work software to use this as my work computer with a little extra encryption. So here is the issue. Our work software opens one report as a pdf. All others open view only within the software. Well "Reader" the app is not compatible with the software. So instead of accessing this report from another system each time or emailing it to myself as a pdf to open in Reader, the only way to view it is to install full Windows version of Adobe.

So now I can open this report within the software and everything is peachy.

BUT, I frequently (think 2-5 times per day) convert word documents to PDF and for some reason Adobe cannot open these. It freezes and I have to force quit. If I right click to OPEN WITH READER then it's ok but the default is Adobe.

Also, Adobe won't allow me to scroll when I open a PDF with multiple pages without first touching the screen to scroll.

I don't need any features in Adobe besides read only. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this other than having 2 versions of Adobe when Reader works just fine most of the time?