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Issue with Bluetooth printing on HP officejet 100 mobile printer

SK Low

New Member
Hi All,

I have recently purchase I3 64GB Surface Pro 3. It is a great device, but it has a small issue with PDF printing via bluetooth on HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer. I am not sure if it is the device, printer or PDF application issue, but it can only print the last page of PDF. I have no alternate device to test it. I have download the desktop copy of adobe PDF reader from the internet and tried, but they can only print the last page of the document still. I have tried with microsoft word 365 and printing the whole word document is working well. Any idea of fix?

*Note: I install the device via bluetooth paring and default driver downloaded from the printer.

Thanks :)


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Before diagnosing this further, don't use the default driver; get the latest from the manufacturer's website.