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Advantages of upgrading to Surface 2 (from first gen Surface RT)


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Well, 2 years and a bit gone by for this thread... I bought a used Surface 2 having donated my RT to the kitchen for displaying recipes. Big saving on ink and paper, lol. The Surface 2 is a lot better; faster overall, faster USB and lighter, with a better screen and kickstand and with the Type Cover. There are some issues with the Firmware update, so I've declined and hidden it. I considered an S3 but the bigger footprint put me off because, when holding a device in your hands, the leverage of bigger dimensions often outweighs a tiny decrease in weight. I'm a long-time professional Windows user but my other PCs are not as handy as this one is. I'm very pleased I bought it. Long may it live. I'd be interested to know how well your S2 is suiting you now?
I am still rocking my S2 that I bought in 2014 and will continue using it in 2017. It does the job for me, since I am not into downloading apps. I need something to browse the web and create documents and presentations, and even show videos in my business classes.

I am psyched to see what Microsoft has in store in 2017 as far as the Surface line goes. As long as my S2 still works for my uses, I will not be looking to upgrade at all.