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Solved [Skype] Webcam freeze


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I'have buy 2 Surface :
- Surface 2 RT
- Surface 2 Pro

First, it's not possible to connect on Skype, error message ''connection impossible"
I uninstall skype and install by the Windows Store.
Connection Ok with my two tabs, but... :

When i used video skype with my pro, all it's right.
With ma Surface RT, the webcam freeze (after 2 seconds, but the sounds is ok).
In mode camera (picture) with windows, no problem, the webcam work.

One idea ?

PS : Sorry for my english, i do my best !
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I have the Surface Pro 2 ( I5 1.9, 8GB, 250 GB SSD), SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Micro XD 1)
and I am not able to start the WebCam, neither front nor back camera.

Reinstalling Windwos 10 64 bit is not really an option to fix that problem because then I have (even if I keep the customer data) to reinstall more than 20 apps, which are discarded when a refresh is performed. Not funny.

I have also read somewhere, that the Camera app worked again after the target folders for the vidoes taken with the webcam have been correted.
But unfortunately it was not told, how and where to fix this targe folders and files.
I have no idea, what the standard settings for the camera app are.

Has anybody an idea.

May a deinstallation and reinstallation of the camera app help ???

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Welcome to the forum Wolfgang

There was a Camera App update from the Store app yesterday. Did you get it?


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many thanks for the quick response.
I have installed the updated app -- and it works ! Great :)