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Using Stylus on RT vs. Surface 2


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New here and I have a quick question. I recently purchased an RT 64GB, which I like a lot, but I have two minor issues. One, poor quality rear camera and not as good as I'd hoped for handwriting with a stylus.
Now to my question, is the Surface 2 touchscreen any better for stylus use, or is it the same as the RT I currently have?

I have used Note Anytime on my previous tablet (an iPad Mini) for some time and have grown to really like the app. Since I don't have as great response from the RT with a stylus, I have started to use OneNote, and have found it to be incredible. But I still like to handwrite notes frequently and would like to get at least close to equivalent results as I did with my iPad Mini.

The rear camera issue is not as critical since I discovered HP Scan & capture, I effortlessly scan documents to my Surface using that app. But again still have the need to scan on the go from time to time and a better camera would really be nice.

So I guess since the Surface 2 has a better rear camera, and if the touchscreen was better with the stylus, I'd probably return the RT for a Surface 2, got to love Best Buy's liberal return policy. I have until Feb 3rd to decide whether or not to return and exchange.

Thanks for any input!


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Well camera is much better so you'd benefit from that if it something you use frequently.

Screen is still the same afaik, will only work with a capacitive stylus so is unlikely to offer any better handwriting support than the RT.

Realistically the Pro would be the only real option for handwriting efficiently.


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Windows RT 8.1 has been tuned for touch not Stylus, There is registry hack you can do to get better Stylus Support but it will make your machine run warmer and some of noticed stability issues (I personally haven't).

Here is the keys that need to be changed (below is very aggressive, some have, used 2 instead of 1)


And change these values:

Latency 8
SampleTime 8
UseHWTimeStamp 1


Latency 1
SampleTime 1
UseHWTimeStamp 1

And reboot and after you should see a marked improvement in inking.