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Age of Empires II


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I purchased the CD of Age Of Empires II, but when I press the desktop icon (with the cd in the external cd drive) it does not start or even give me an error message. Is it because of the ATOM processor or is there another problem? Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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This CD Drive have it's own power? If it trying to power itself off the USB port it probably draws too much power. A powered USB Hub or a USB Y cable plugged into another source should work.


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GreyFox7, thank you for the reply; I have the external cd drive plugged in , the USB is connected to the Surface from the external cd drive, and the surface 3 is plugged in. I have also reinstalled the game cd to recommended install. I also have myself set as administrator,. Nat that it makes any difference. Unfortunately I am getting the same results when I press the desktop icon, nothing. I even went straight to the cd and pressed the icon but still nothing. Is there anything I might have missed?
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