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Has anyone had any success driving an ultrawide 4k screen (not in extended or duplicate screen mode)?

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Just an update on my ongoing dramas getting a Philips BDM3740 to work as an external monitor through the SP4 dock. All but gave up using the dock and ended up connecting it directly from the SP4 via a mini DP to DP cable.

Still had lots of issues with flickering and blank screens and only being able to get it to work @30Hz. Strangely changing the DP version to 1.1 from 1.2 in the monitor made it more stable and I could run it @ 60Hz but every few days I was still losing audio or not having the monitor wake from sleep (often requiring a complete reboot).

Then my wife's work changed to SP4s and we wanted to use the dock for both devices and just switch out the single cable, leaving the monitor, keyboard and mouse connected to the dock. Well after a few weeks of trying all sorts of things I borrowed a Dell S2817Q and lo and behold it works perfectly being driven from the dock. Runs at full 4k @ 60Hz with no video or audio dropouts and it resumes from sleep every time.

So it looks like it is just going to be easier to swap out the monitor ...
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