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Am I the only one missing the old Win 8.1 Metro Start Screen?


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I really really do not like the new start screen. When in tablet mode, It is not convenient for me to have to open the side scroll app window and scroll through to find the app I want. I really liked the grid app screen in win 8.1.

Also, while I do like tablet mode sometimes, I still want to get to my desktop. Isn't there a way to get to your desktop without having to switch to desktop mode? At least maybe map the Tablet toggle button to the start screen?

BTW. I really like Windows 10 on my desktop, but I think tablet mode is killing the experience for me on the Surface.

Ideal for me I guess, would be to have "Tablet" start screen, but still be able to get to the desktop by hitting the windows button. When it tablet mode, the windows button does nothing.


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It is little different to windows 7 vs 8.1. half the camp love it (myself included) and half the camp prefers 8.1 for tablet use.


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Yes. I actually like the new layout for Win 10. I used Start is Back to have the SP3 boot to desktop all the time. 99% of the time I used desktop mode only.


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I don't like the cluttered look of a bunch of icon shortcuts on the desktop so I don't miss them. The ones that I use to keep on my desktop I keep on the taskbar and the majority of them on the start screen. I changed all my start screen ones from medium to small like Colorado has his. If you group them it makes for a nice looking clean start screen. I also like the start screen much better in the tablet mode. Now you can drag and move the tiles wherever you want and in the order you want without them jumping all over the place like they use to do in 8.1.