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And the Apple fan boys are already gathering ammo

Biased poll? No way... :disappointed:

you'll also need to buy the special keyboard cover that snaps on the bottom of the tablet.

No, actually you don't need to buy the keyboard. It comes with an on-screen version and is usb and bluetooth compatible. So if you have any such keyboard then you don't have to spend any extra money if you choose not to.

the Surface Pro has pretty bad battery life –– about 5 hours –– so it's not very portable.

Official battery life stats are not in but let's continue anyway. Bad battery life compared to what? Other laptops? Nope, it is about (since they use that for the battery life) the same as any other ultra-book i5 laptop. Not very portable? You realize this is a tablet and even more portable than a traditional ultra book right? I mean it is a tablet.

Clearly the way the statements are written are very fair and totally unbiased :LOL:
Kovach is a poorly informed iFan so am not surprised at his conclusions. As a tech blogger he is an oxymoron
Everyone go on the site and vote yes. You don't need to provide an address! There already are more yes's than anything else lol.
These guys must be bored with their iPads if they're makng articles like these to make themselves feel better.
Come on you people, your being a little hard on those Ifans. Not everybody can deal with a real computer these days. Sometimes a little app is all you can handle. Just wait, Ipad 5 will be out soon and it will be faster and thinner. Ground breaking...no but you can load the Angry Birds app. What more do you want?

Can't wait until Feb 9. My laptop in tablet form and not made out of plastic. Simply fantastic!
This will only mean much to a few of you at best but it's rare to find a site with 27 cross scripts. WOW! Voted anyway. ;)
Interesting to see that Yarrow hasnt followed up with a post about how no one wants the Pro according to his poll. Nice to see that 52% of the vote said that they will buy the Surface, which is why he is quiet.