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Surface Pro will eventually beat the iPad Pro


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Here's an interesting article from Forbes which talks about why the Surface Pro should not be scared of the iPad Pro even though the later beat out the former in sales recently. Basically, the iPad Pro is a flash in the pan device which was bought heavily by Apple fans, but can't viably replace a laptop, whereas the Surface Pro is poised to do exactly that.

Interesting read: Apple iPad Pro Wins The Microsoft Surface Battle, But Will Lose The PC War


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Love his quote the most... so true!

There are a number of scenarios where an iPad simply won’t work as a PC replacement. If you are a developer–even a developer of apps for an iPad–you need a PC. If you are a professional photographer, or a graphic artist, you need a PC. If you are a hardcore gamer, you need a PC. I can keep adding to that list, but basically using an iPad as a PC replacement will not work for everyone.


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I have a customer who has two boys who were both die-hard Apple, (laptop), users. When they went to college my customer called me and said, "you're not going to believe this, both of the boys found out about gaming and want/need PCs, what can you do for them?"

Now it's a battle to see who can buy the best video card. ;)
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