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I bought my Surface 3 as a replacement to my aging Android tablet. I liked that (with the recent $150 off Surface plus key cover) for about the same price as an tablet I could get the full functionality of the Surface and that it would probably replace my laptop for 90% of what I use it for. However, there are still a couple of my Android games I like that aren't available for Windows.

I've downloaded Bluestacks, which works well enough, but I'm not crazy about all the services that it runs in the background. I don't care about push notifications or anything so I'd like something that only runs while I'm using it then just goes away.

Can anyone recommend an emulator that doesn't have pieces of it running persistently, or clue me in on how to configure Bluestacks this way?


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Most of the people running an emulator have preferred AMIDuOS over Bluestacks but I'm not certain you won't still have a bit of it in memory.