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Android Emulators for Surface 3?

Frank Filippis

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I have not had much luck with bluestacks because I am using BitDefender.

Has anyone heard of or had luck with http://andyroid.net/ ?

I am liking the potential to run some android apps like WAZE on my surface 3 and interested in others experiences.



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second that for DuOS..worked great when I was using the trial, but couldn't justify purchasing it.. Win 8 does all I need and more...


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I’m waiting for Console OS, which is not an emulator but a native Android OS. It's scheduled to be released to the public in December this year. It will natively support all Surface Pros, including SP3. They had a Kickstarter project which successfully closed in August.


Andyroid runs ok...ish. Just beware that I follow their support on Facebook and lately there have been many issues with it.
BlueStacks is a steaming pile of... well, just don't bother.
DuOS is the best I have found and runs very well.


I just use VirtualBox for creating VMs... You can download a x86 version of Android and install it on a VM.

Lots folks have done this.. you can probably poke around the VirtualBox support forums to see if there are any issues with hardware devices.

I have done it on my desktop (so, I'd assume it'd work about the same as on the SP3)


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I highly recommend Genymotion. I use it to program android apps on my SP3. I also recommend running a mid res VM and not the max.
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