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Android on Surface 3 (and others z8700 devices) sound solution


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Good afternoon, I'll try to explain my doubts as simple as possible, this would solve the problem of many users with Atom processor Z8700 that can not have sound on their android device.
Phoenix OS works perfectly BUT NO SOUND
Prime OS works perfectly BUT NO SOUND
Android X86 works perfectly BUT NO SOUND
OpenTHOS works perfectly BUT NO SOUND
ok, but i have a nameless .iso build of Android x86 in which the SOUND WORKS PERFECTLY but many other things do not
the question is, how can I extract the sound drivers from this .iso and put it on any one of the androids where the sound does not work and so have a perfect android on my Surface 3 ?


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No idea however, I honestly think you'd have better luck posting this question on an Android developers forum.