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Surface 3 Flash Player Video Judder


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Hi All,

I recently purchased the new surface 3, however I'm having trouble with streaming videos on the internet that use Flash. Every video that streams using this player gives a stuttering effect on the video stream like the processor is having a hard time keeping up (sound plays perfectly). I think it only does this when on 1080p and is worse when in full screen. I don't think its buffering because I have a high speed connection and other computers/devices do not do this. Every other streaming service is fine i.e HTML5, Netflix, YouTube. This happens in IE11, chrome and Firefox. My surface is fully up to date and so is Flash Player.

I think this is a common problem on some devices and was wondering if anybody has experienced it on this device and have found a workaround? I've tried disabling flash hardware acceleration etc that seem to work for others, but to no avail.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!
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Your profile says Surface 3 but your first sentence says Surface Pro.

Moving from Surface 3 to Surface apps.


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Can you post a link of one video giving you trouble + the settings and I will try to see if I get the same issues ?

By the way, do you have the 2Gb or the 4Gb version ?