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Android Phone File Transfer


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Dear all,

Would like to learn from you guys on how to transfer files from an android phone to a surface 2.

The surface 2 doesn't seem to recognize the phone when connected via USB.

I then tried to transfer file via Bluetooth, and it did connect but transfer was un-successful. (Solution found - see below)

How do you guys do it?

Thanks in advance.

Update: Solution Found and Tested

I have a Nexus and a Surface 2, and this is working for photo transfer from an android phone to Surface 2.

1. Turn on Bluetooth (BT) on both device.
2. Pair the device via BT
3. Going into the desktop of Surface 2, on the bottom right system tray click on the BT icon, then select "Receive a file"
4. Initiate Transfer from Phone.

If you don't see the BT icon:
Search for "Change Bluetooth Settings" on Surface 2, then tick the check box "Show the Bluetooth Icon in the notification area".

Good luck.
Update # 2:
Turns out the above method doesn't work all the time for the some reason, I have had only partial success with this.
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There are quite a few ways to transfer files to and from an Android device without a physical connection. DropBox may be the ultimate easiest long term, but there are Android apps like WiFi File Transfer Airdroid and others that will allow you to browse the files on the Android device from your Surface and transfer files in both directions.

You cam access all the files on your Surface very easily from any Internet connection using PocketCloud Explorer from Wyse Technology (on the Google Store). All my suggestions are free or have a free version.

Back to the original problem, you should look at the Android device when you connect to see if something pops up asking that you change modes. If that doesn't happen there are is a long list of reasons why some devices just can't ever get connected to a Windows system
I've used about every method and I agree with leeshor that DropBox is the ultimate. It's about as close to automatic as it gets.
Main problem here is the internet connection.

I am looking for a way to transfer files without the need of an internet connection.

Without WiFi (a network connection even if you aren't in the Internet) your options on a Nexus are very limited. Some people can never get connected to their PC directly using the cable. Your best bet is the WiFi File Transfer app I mentioned, it stays local, no Internet/cloud connection required.
Besides the way you offered, we can also use mobile transfer tool to transfer files from an android phone to a surface 2. It can directly transfer data like contacts, sms, apps, photos, musics, etc between mobile devices on PC.