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Any 4k monitors that work at 50/60hz with Surface Pro 3 (win 10)?


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Hi all,

In the market for a 4k monitor for my Surface Pro 3. I read that the Dell p2715q did work with a workaround in Windows 8 to get full resolution with 50hz - via an intel driver with custom settings, but it no longer works in Windows 10 :(

see here: Issues creating custom resolution since Windows... | Intel Communities

Does anyone have a 4k monitor working with their surface pro 3 at an acceptable refresh rate, 50/60hz ?

They all seem to be stuck at 30hz with the default surface driver despite Microsoft claiming otherwise.

I may decide on a 1440p at worst case scenario. Any feedback would be great
i5/8GB. SST is set to 'secondary' although I don't think that matters. This display uses MST for daisy-chaining not driving the main panel.