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Surface Book 2 Dual 4K@~50Hz


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First, this is a cross-post from reddit - I hope that it's not breaking any rules.

Just bought the Surface Dock 2 hoping I would be able to hook up my two LG 27UL650-W 4K monitors to my Surface Book 2. I've searched probably the entire internet, and I believe that it should be possible to run both these monitors in 4K@50Hz. According to this article, I should be able to achieve this by running custom resolutions with the help of Intel Command Center or the CRU-tool.

Now I'm running both monitors off the Dock 2 via USB-C to HDMI adapers, which are both rated for 4K@60Hz. I've checked, and both monitors runs 4K@60Hz when connected one at a time.

I've been messing around with the CRU-tool all day and the closest I've got is 1x4K@45Hz + 1x4K@30Hz. Tried turning off the screen on the Book itself to no avail.

Has anyone actually managed to run two 4K@~50Hz off the SB2 with the Dock 2?