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Any Battery Limit Alternatative


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Most of the time i use laptop with charging connected. My cycle counts are 8 tablet and 22 for base.
Recently when i used the tablet disconnecting from the base, i saw a drop of 50% within 30 mins.
I thought having 100% charge on tablet for long period may have damaged the battery.
So i enabled battery limit in boot settings.
Now, My SB2 no longer charging.
Is there any alternative to this Battery limit feature that would cap charging to 80% despite connected to power for longevity of the battery?


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I actually scheduled a timer to run a batch file every 15 minutes. The batch file would turn a cheap WiFi outlet switch on or off based on whatever percentage I wanted. I do this on my Android phone, and it stays between 70 and 80% all night.
I never could get it to work right on my Book2, or a Pro 3. The issue was that when in sleep mode, once it turned off the AC power, it would go into a deep sleep that it would not wake up from for a moment to power on the charger. I never could find a reliable way to wake up a Windows device that is asleep, and has AC turned off. I've forgotten the details it was so long ago. It was not going into hibernation, but it acted like it.
Too bad since the Android phone does it so well.
You could probably set it to turn off the display only, and keep the processor awake. But I didn't really want to do that.

What I ended up doing, was putting the WiFi outlet on a simple timer, that closely matched my normal operating schedule. It does stay over 90%, much of the time, but it doesn't have AC and 100% battery applied 24/7. Hopefully that reduces the chances of a swollen battery.