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Any decent competitors to Microsoft Office?


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With the new 2016 version of Microsoft Office coming out of preview, it looks like Microsoft will continue to solidify their hold on the crown as the king of productivity. Do you think any other company has a product as feature-rich and compelling as Office 2016?


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I have one customer in particular using WPS Office on 6 systems and haven't had one complaint.


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Microsoft Office still rules the enterprise and what few government entities that switch seem to be returning very quickly....you may be able to use something else in SMB but it will prove difficult doing business with those that use Office.


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I've been pretty happy with both LibreOffice and WPS Office. They work well, have good features and are generally compatible. LibreOffice formats footnotes and highlights text differently from Word. It's very frustrating to highlight text in LibreOffice and then be unable to un-highlight it in Word. They are both good alternatives for the price (FREE).

BTW, WordPerfect is still around.

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